Doing Business With Us

Our points of sale – over 300: overview

  • Grocery stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Foire gourmandes”

Note: Tem-Sucre does not offer meals in its facilities. 

Our approach

Tem-Sucre creates products that are an experience of and journey into Quebec’s DNA. It joins you daily in your craziest culinary explorations, it offers innovative regional products of quality, while remaining true to old-time traditions and the know‑how acquired by maple experts of past generations. Tem-Sucre is a true reflection of tradition, innovation, expertise and exceptional products. In offering products of unparallelled quality, Tem‑Sucre shows you the 1,001 faces of maple.

Tem-Sucre fosters its relationships with its distributors by:

  • Taking care of the appearance of its products and its company’s image
  • Redefining maple product boundaries
  • Ensuring rigorous quality control
  • Ensuring supply to all of its distributors
  • Paying attention to its clients’ and distributors’ needs
  • Developing innovative products that keep with tradition

Innovative leader

  • Numerous products such maple dressing and a variety of candy
  • Portable sugar bushes in supermarkets