Edible Gold

Maple products are a crossroad where craftsmanship meets culinary art to transform maple sap—this edible gold—into culinary gems, symbolic of our geographic, gastronomic and cultural particularities.

Érablière Tem-Sucre manufactures maple products using maple sap that is harvested at its sugar bush and at numerous other Témiscamingue sugar bushes. In fact, it is the only business in Témiscamingue that the Fédération des producteurs de sirop d’érable has designated as an “authorized buyer” of maple sap. It creates innovative regional products from maple sap and offers a wide array of processed products made from Témiscamingue’s own maple sap, with close to 300 clients.

In preserving and respecting the traditions of yesteryear and yet without imposing creative limits to maple products, Tem-Sucre has, over the years, successfully developed innovative processing technologies and leading-edge quality control processes. Result: regional maple products whose quality is a standard in the industry.

Produced with our maple sap

Maple vinaigrette, maple butter, granulated maple sugar, maple taffy, maple candy, mini sugar bushes in supermarkets and Bec Cola: these are just a few examples of Tem-Sucre’s commitment and goal to push the creative envelope in order to showcase the 1,001 faces of maple.

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